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Hopefully in time more information may come out to help us understand why this happened. Surfer and swimmer shark attacks are vastly more common than those involving kiters. While we're above the water and planning we seem to be different but once we're off the board and in the water, we become more similar in aspect.

I understand the water has been particularly cool off Hutchinson Island. The shark migration is going as it normally does, independent of other major bait fish migrations. At the same time, there are a lot of fish available to the sharks, blue runners, whitefish, pompano, etc.. I understand the whitefish are even running into the ICW from the beach areas. Spinner sharks by nature prey on fish and aren't known to actively go after humans. This may be as much by our relative large size as anything else. Larger sharks, such as bulls may have been involved as one report suggests. Despite there being very large numbers of spinner sharks in the migration, there are also quantities of bull, lemon and hammerhead sharks in the area as well. The larger sharks feed on the smaller spinner sharks.
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