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Skyway Scott
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Originally Posted by tomstock
Scott, Blue Flag was awesome today. Thanks for pumping up my kite while I rode the Ion.
Well, I pumped up most of it. Chris helped out alot. AND, it is HIS kite, so thanks to him (and E-bone) for letting us all demo the crap outta the 15m Ion lately.

It's a great kite for sure. (Don't know that I've ever ridden better for my style).
It's ironic that I am going to work at a kiteshop today and I am shooting for a one kite/one board quiver for the 10 to 24 knot range. In other words, I won't save ALL that much on gear, really, since its limited amounts!!
How many of us still have 5 kites and 4 boards? Those days are quickly coming to an end. (Hmm... is that good for kiteshops?)
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