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Yeah, today was the shiz. I showed up, rigged, rode 3+ hours. After the tide started to come in at BS, the flats across the channel were epic. True glass, flat as a mirror, with 15+ up top. Epic jumps with dead silence between liftoff and touchdown, with the entire jump spent looking right at the sea floor through the crystal clear water.

Jayson showed up and threw crazy ass tricks everywhere, as usual, mad skillz. I tried to ride blind but rode drowned instead--more work needed there. Paul Fox and I were holding down the Rasta Flexis and having a blast. Russky showed and was taking advantage, Bryan and Dan were there (hey, those two need nicknames), Toby was making progress, some other faces as well.

For me, the best moment of the session might have been when I threw a fat, hanging jump just next to the channel and a guy on a passing boat screams "you are f**king craaaazy" as I hang in the air under the Ion, which does not want to come down. Oh, yeah.

Scott--charge hard, go big, and good luck!
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