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Heading back for a first look at Sunday. There are hundreds of shots of Saturday and Sunday still to be gone through, more to come on this. First starting out on the equipment. None of these folks are wearing helmets sad to say. Ken with Jimmy Lewis was, must want to stick around for that great kid of his. Something to think about, while you still can.

Understand this was Melissa's first time going off a kicker

Billy passes off the Egypt Pyramid or Temple of Doom, something like that, while Hunter rolls video of the action

Andy passes off the kicker as Damo rides back upwind

Jon ramps up as Mike watches

Billy slides as Jon works back. That is Holiday Isle in the back, actually a substantial distance away, no where near as close as it looks

The guys came up with the idea for a dead downwind race with some tacking points to round along the way starting at the sand bar. They're waiting for the start here.

They're off!

More on the way!
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Rick Iossi
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