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Default Newbie kite thoughts

Hey, I just started kiting last year. Seems to me at 220 lbs, you are going to need a bigger kite. I have a 2009 LF Havoc 16m and weigh 215. It has been my primary go-to kite. I will say that for really light winds it can be a bear to relaunch, but otherwise a very nice ride up to 20kts. 'course, I'm new still. At 215 lbs I rode a 16m mostly and a 12m Session for those 20+ days...Those aren't so frequent here in Tampa in my limited experience...

This year the economy has picked up for me and I'm buying a 17m Zephyr for really light wind and a 13.5 Core GT for breezier days. I am selling my 2009 16m havoc and 2008 12m session for crazy cheap. Each will include everything you need. 16m has absolutely no damage or repairs and looks brand new. The 12m has one small repair in the canopy, with a silver dollar sized patch.

If interested, shoot me an email. I'll be craigslisting them soon and I'm sure they'll disappear...
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