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Does seem simple. A basic principle that overpowers common sense (for some) is the "mob see me" concept. It's simple too -- some ego driven riders will go out of their way to get as close to people as possible so they can be seen. After all, for these types, if they weren't seen that day, they didn't ride.

Seen this principle play out for years now. I don't even know the layout of Sunset but would bet this guy did this to be seen.
I see this out by PaG often. As opposed to riding North about 200 yards (where there is no one, literally empty) many prefer to ride "in the action" among the bathers. It's unreal.

Danny, rule out common sense. We are talking ego here.
Many riders ride just to be seen.

Sorry to come off so negative, but this, and always will be THE problem in this sport. No solution to it, except maybe laws/fines.
If I am off base, someone explain to me why anyone would ride close to people? other than to be seen. I can't think of one reason.
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