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It is unfortunate what is going on. This stuff has been going on for years, and it can be frustrating. I am surprised we haven't lost more beach access. I think we have just been lucky.

Steve, in all fairness, it's impossible to compare EB to any of the Gulf Beaches or most other places we ride. EB receives very little beach-goer usage. It's sort of mucky, etc. So for the most part, when we kite there, there are not many non-kiters there for us to interfere with.
There are zero swim zones at EB. Much of the Gulf Beaches have a marked swim area.
In addition, EB is probably the only spot that has future access nearly guaranteed.It will be damn near impossible to lose access at EB (hopefully).
EB is the opposite of most other spots. SPB, for instance, is crowded as hell with beach-goers and has no guarantee of continued access.
So in my opinion, yeah, send 'em all to EB and keep them away from spots that are in jeopardy. I mean that. It makes sense to me.
Do you actually think EB is in jeopardy? It's not.
Any place along the (Gulf) beaches is fair game to be lost though.
Those of us who constantly say "go to EB, it's the best" say it to keep new riders from jeopardizing other spots. I always thought that was pretty obvious.

Back to the problem of riding too close to beach-goers. One suggestion is that all instructors (as role models) agree to follow some minimal riding guidelines (not excessive, minimal). Riding 100 feet from shore for starters. Once the locals see that all the instructors are taking this seriously, it'll be easier to convince others to respond and be responsible.

The opposite is that if instructors pay no attention to basic standards, it's unlikely anyone else will feel obligated to.
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