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Default Kite for sale "Naish Torch" 2008 (12m2) in perfect condition - $700 (North Miami)

Kite Naish Torch 2008 (12m2) Complete includes the 2008 five-line Naish Shift System, with 24 meter lines and a 20" kite bar, and a kite pump.

Kite in perfect condition! there is only one tiny fix, look on photo. Bar is like new I use it for max 20 times!

For 2008, the Torch continues as the kite of choice for the Naish International Freestyle Team, delivering the fast flying and precise pop that these top riders demand. The Torch is the ultimate power freestyle C-kite, offering snappy and responsive control through a wide wind range.

Improved Smart Paneling wing tips on the 2008 Torch increase control through turns and improves depower smoothness, providing all the advantages of a power C-kite, with a depower range approaching that of an SLE model. The Naish Octopus single-point inflation system promises that you'll be on the water as quickly as possible, while molded bumpers and reinforced Aramid patches will take all the abuse you can dish out.

The Torch has returned to defend its worldwide test-winning status, and this year it promises to continue as the most technically perfect performance C-kite in existence.

For info you can call or mail me!
cell: 7868731043

location North Miami.

Info at:

Best kite ever! Price is only 700$

(North Miami)

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