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i was at skyway from about 9 til 2 and the conditions seemed less intense than a really windy day in the winter. There were definitely some gusts but MOST everyone that was out there when I was definitely stayed on the side of caution and stayed away from shore and weren't even pulling their best tricks. I'm sure you will be able to see from my pictures that the wind looked a lot lighter than most of us expected. Everyone was definitely looking out for each other. Media was at the skyway both this morning and this afternoon. Steve had a great idea and asked the reporter to run her article past him before publishing to make sure she had her facts right. I thought that was one of the best ways to prevent the misconceptions, although they always end up making crap up anyway. if anyone approaches you from the media regarding the accident in Ft. Laud., perhaps we can all refer them to a local media/safety spokesperson such as Scott or Steve in order to prevent as much bad press as we can??
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