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The entire situation has me beyond frustration. But after much thought today....people are going to do what they want to do. Unfortunately Kevin and all of us will suffer the consequences of a completely avoidable accident. It is one thing to get caught off guard by a surprise squall, it is quite another to ride on the east side of a tropical storm and so close to the center of circulation with clear weather warnings.

Just a question to all riders that rode today. The conditions looked awesome. The radar was relatively clear and the wind readings were pretty steady all day. If you had the option to ride the Skyway (onshore with hard downwind obstacles) vs. East Beach (sideshore with plenty of downwind room for error), then why increase your risk at the skyway on a day of increased weather risks? Scott always preaches that room is your friend. Amen to that brotha!!!!

There are a group of seasoned veteran riders out there that when given the choice, choose East Beach as the safer location on a NE wind. Not trying to make a huge debate, but wouldn't the risk of injury be higher at the Skyway if something were to go wrong? Take that kiter in the news and loft him onto a car driving on the Skyway and you will have a news story for the masses. Most days, the Skyway is a low risk situation, but a day like today is why I pose the question. I definately think today was an acceptable day to ride for experienced kiters, but is the Skyway the best choice? Food for thought.
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