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To clarify a couple things:
-The method that I described can be done on land by walking up the front lines, or from a boat by pulling the front lines to you.
-It is very important that your kite "sits" on the beach with tension only on your front lines. If your kite jumps or bounces then I would recommend flagging the kite with one line or using the depowering system of the kite that you are using.
-Certain kites are definately more stable sitting than others, the test you did Rick is a good one, park your kite at 3 or 9 and see if it stays there. If it does then walking up you lines should not give you any more pressure than just standing there with your chicken loop attached to you.
-Some kites, including most pulley bar kites can be made to sit on the edge by adjusting the stopper system. Though sometimes this can create more pull from the kite making it harder to walk up the lines.
-it is important to stay on the upwind side of your lines as you walk towards your kite, in case something happens you will be clear of your lines.
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