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Some flat kites are easy to land in winds up to and beyond 35 knots. The flat kites that are able to sit on the beach at 3 or 9 without any control input are actually easy to self land safely. In my experience I have done this with Switchblades, Omegas (1 to 1 mode), Waroos and Helix, others may be possible but I have never tried. Xbows, Omega (2 to 1) and Contras will also be able to use this method if you lock the override halfway.

This is how I do it.
1) park the kite on the side of the window (9 or 3) and let the bar go, let the kite settle into a stable position. *make sure your kite can stay there without moving*
2) if the kite will stay there without falling backwards or jumping in the air then you are ready to start self landing.
3) detach leash from yourself
4) grab onto the power strap above the bar
5) detach chicken loop and lay bar on the ground
6) maintaining constant pressure on the front lines climb up both front lines until you get to the kite
7) your kite should stay there the same as when you were hooked into the chicken loop
8) if the kites starts to jump you can let go of the top front line and continue to climb up the bottom front line like you would do if you were activating the leash and climbing up one line to the kite
9) once to the kite, continue to climb up the bridles until you reach the middle of the kite, grab it, turn in over and secure your kite on the ground

It is similar to how Rick was saying to secure the chicken loop to something and then go retrieve the kite. But you can use this method if there is nothing to secure the chicken loop to.

Sorry if it is confusing, it is much easier to demonstrate than to write it down

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