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Once you take someone under instruction you then assume responsibility for there conditions and safety if under contract or money. So you have people out in crazy stuff, you can get them hurt and be in alot of trouble, states in insurance guidelines that you have to stop instruction if hazardous weather is in the area........oh yeah in case you think your smart , they just look at radar.

The Meso High section i put up is a very unique condtion that happens in the keys, i know so after 16 years of trial and error. Most people dont know there area, i work with the local NOAA office to understand more of whats going on, so i can push the envelope, but hey, i dont want to kill myself. Most people i see that get into a situation dont have a:

plan if something goes wrong
never even pulled the safety[under a load, not 10mph]
never self rescued
value the kite more than them selves
still think its ok to ride when the bar is giving them static zaps
have no real idea about the weather and could identify a thunderhead from a stratus

more knowledge less, risk......but there will always be risk, lets not kid our selfs, the more you push the envelope the more it pushes back!

p.s. dont be afraid to tell the other guy, man this is not a good looking front coming in, better not go out...if we speak up more, maybe we can has less problems......even the instructors need to be told this from what i have seen.
Aloha Paul Menta
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