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Iím a little lost on something. Watching this clip that seems to be an outtake I see people still riding, jumping and not ditching their rigs. As far as the rider that got blown out to sea. What about his safety release? I do have the video ďInto the AirĒ and love it. Good job Paul!

Now I do have to report that I got out of control and dragged across the beach on New Years Eve at Annís Beach in Islamorada. I rider launched me (I was too close to shore) and I forgot to hook my leash. I am basically a novice (with lessons) and wanted to get some ride time. Upon launch the kite got out of control I didnít reach for my safety release or eject. Iíve been playing this over in my mind all weekend. STUPID, STUPID! Luckily I only got some minor scratches and a lot of sand but it could have been worse. So I thought. My kite got caught in the mangrove trees just short of US1. When I tried to get to the kite at least to deflate it I slipped and gashed my leg (almost to the bone) on a broken tree limb. I got 11 stitches.
Anybody saw Final Destination?

The reasons Iím writing this is to report for others and to get this out of my system.
The rider that helped me, recovered and packed my rig ďwhile I was answering 100 questions to 911Ē was a good guy. I canít wait to get back in the water but with a different mindset.
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