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Looks like someone put together a short clip from squall out takes from "Into the Air." More about the feature film at:

Even though this was shot three years ago or more, "totally surprised" doesn't cut it, certainly not for Pro riders. Squalls are obvious and readily detected at least in the Caribbean (this was shot off La Parguera, PR) in a variety of ways.

Allowing yourself to be "surprised" by them is just that, you set yourself up. A rider one island over to the west in Cabarete was blown over 800 ft. horizontally by a similar squall the year before this was filmed. That squall was obvious too. Must be you can't be hurt by being slammed by mega gusts if you're good enough. Mmmm, can't be that, too many dead and injured advanced riders from lesser squall gusts. What is it then?

For a pro to say he was surprised by as basic a weather system as a squall is akin to a professional jet liner pilot on a routine transatlantic flight saying, whoops, we're running out of fuel, gonna have to ditch in the water. Professional pride wouldn't let a pro be snookered by something as basic as this these days. Good thing most of us, that is non-pros know better today, right?
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