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Default 36 HOUR NOTICE!!!!!!!!!

Hello Again Everyone!!!

How come all the strong, obviously windy, fronts never come when there is a kite race to be held???? We saw this last year here in TampaBay and also for the Bahamas race. Seems like you have to hold a BorderX to get good wind.

Today the forecast (and opinions) have been up and down.

Luckily I have an inside guy.......
I just got off the phone with Mike Clay, Chief Meteorologist, for BayNews 9 and he assures me that it is going to blow Thursday morning. We may have to wait for some storms to pass through but he thinks that will happen way before noon, maybe before sun up.

I know some of you prefer to hold the event on a weekend, as do I. Unfortunately next weekend is Thanksgiving so we could be waiting a LONG LONG time for some NW weekend wind.

Therefore, we have started the OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN to the 2007 TampaBay KiteMasters race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but..... Please check your emails, our website, and this forum first thing tomorrow morning. If anything changes overnight I will send out an email first thing Wednesday morning.

All riders should finish preparing themselves and their gear NOW. Conditions could range from very strong to very light. Be ready for BOTH.
I anticipate that all riders will need to be at the start (Honeymoon Island) by 8:00 AM but this may change tomorrow so CHECK YOUR EMAILS!! The race can begin anytime between 9 AM and 1 PM.
For those of you who already have them.... DO NOT FORGET YOUR RACE CARDS. THERE ARE NO EXTRAS!!!
Skippers meeting (all riders must attend) will be 1 hour before race start.

Please respond to this email ( with any questions. I WILL GET BACK TO YOU QUICKLY.

Thanks again to everyone who made this event possible,

For race details including start/ finish line procedures go to: WWW.TAMPABAYKITEMASTERS.COM
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