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Default yea man

some times it's good some times it's bad.
it would be a good idear to check the extended forcast if you are thinking of coming, and book you flights closer to the best wind conditions.
the best wind here is in spring,we have trade winds most year round but they get up set by tropical storms in summer and cold frionts in winter but they are right there.
we had 2 bad summers but the wind has come back for winter.
I could guarantee wind for the month of nov dec and jan for sure.
it's no hood river we don't get 30 kts evry day and it's not dr it dosent get windy at 1pm evry day for the day.
if it's up in the morning it's going to be windy for the day.
the wind tends to come up with the tide as well.
the best thing about riding here is you can ride in wind in any direction.
anyways if your coming down and want some idears on accomidation or my kite caddy service for advanced riders email me
hope that helped ya
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