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Luckily there was a windsurfer there who let me borrow his rig to ride out and get the guy's kite. It was wrapped pretty good. After deflating the kite, I tried to windsurf back in dragging the kite but that was pretty damn hard. Luckily made it to the shallows and walked the rest of the way. The guy's kite looked fine but since their were barnacles and crap on the buoy I told him to check the lines real good.

Thanks again to the kind windsurfer b/c the whole thing took over an hour and killed his sailing time - he was really cool about it.

Yesterday was a blast at Cypress. I just bought a new board, Cab Imperial 128x37 w/ Liquid Force Luxury straps, and it was a delight in the chop. Can't wait for the next session
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