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I hope you have good weather for your lessons.

There is a great deal of useful content on this site for both new and experienced kiters. I would read over the top stickies at: for how to progress into the sport.

I would carefully read the top stickies dealing with weather at

and look over the rest of Lessons From the Hard Side for general object lessons. There are a great deal in those accounts.

You might do it the same day with good progress in a place like Biscayne Bay with no waves to speak of and shallow water to standup in. In the open ocean it might take a few days with waves and deep water slow you down.

You will learn from reading over the posts at the above links and others, there is a great deal more to know and skills to develop than simply being able to ride out and back. You can learn to steer an airplane in less than ten minutes. Ok, now land it. There is simply a lot more to learning the sport.

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