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I would also go with the bigger kite. I am 245 lbs and ride my 16M Thruster in almost EVERYTHING. Anything from 15 to 30 (no exaggeration, the guys out here can attest to that although not advisable as it was pushing the kites' limits). As Bayflite would say, all kites rock and though I do not have any direct experience on either kite, I am sure they are both great kites. I will, however suggest being a larger guy as well that you go with a bit of a larger size. I guess go with a 14M kite for your size is what I am trying to say. You can always then pick up a 10M or so for high winds and/or a 16M once you have the cash for extremely light wind. Bayflite can help with a good price on a Waroo, just PM him. Emerald Coast Kiteboarding or Ocean Extreme Kites can also help with either brand. I hope this helps...

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