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Yes it was a really good turnout......even without beer.;-)

One thing that got me a little confused and partly because I didnt have a map to take back with me. The rules on buffer zones, launch-land zones, jumping zones, etc.

From what I recall, there were a few layers of buffer zones. Kent even discussed some option about being able to jump in one zone as long as you landed in another? That confused me a bit. Someone had a question about the zones also and one of the crew had it on his laptop. Could a good color version be posted here?

A suggestion could be this. Launch/land zones dont need to be marked. Its the beach. No bouys are needed. Your protocol on who goes first....launchers or landers....and the distance from shore will be followed.

I think only two sets of bouys would be needed.

The no ride zone which is already established, red bouys nicely marked and obvious.

Then the one buffer zone which includes no jumpng, no cruising back and forth in, and which contains the launch/land zone. I shoudnt be able to cruise in this zone even if I have one hand on the other side of the bouy (yes sarcasm).

Crandon is marked this way, red bouys =no ride zone. Yellow bouys equal launch/land zone and no jumping (in theory). Making it universal will aid all. People who ride Crandon will also ride Matheson.

I think this will make it easier for all and for visitors. The less complicated it is will help when new comers arrive. Good job promoting it. Now lets all walk the walk. We will help in everyway we can.
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