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I guess I am scared like many for the future of the sport. I have the honor of teaching beginners every week at the shop. One of our topics is riding spots. We talk about places to kite vs. places not to kite. Lifeguard areas, Howard Park, possibly Sunset, and now adding to the list Sand Key.

I guess I fear that 10 years from now my book of 15 riding spots is down to 3 spots. It will take time, but I fear it will happen.

Soapbox: People go out, party, drink like rock stars, get in cars and drive and put others around them at risk. Accidents happen and people die. I should know, my brother was a victim. It is a fact of life. Bars are still in business, people drink till they can't spell their name, and life goes on.

But we are going to ban some skimboarder from throwin his board along the sand.

No, I guess I am not surprised the idiotic thinking in this country.

I guess I am the kind of person that wouldn't mind going to jail for something I believe in.
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