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Skyway Scott
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I don't know the "law" out there, but this has been going on for 5 years (at least). I have been asked to leave several times (the park... I know Steve is talkin' across the street). Once, Paul, Raul, Donna, Lori, and about 5 others were there.

It's commonly a different set of "police" each time. Sometimes beach police, sometimes the lifeguards, sometimes the condo police. I have written about this on multiple occasions over the years.

Steve, not saying this for any reason but to state facts. I have also spoken of two bans that were both turned over about 5 years ago. Some of you guys act like it's not possible or coming out of left field. Again, I don't know the "law", but I have seen two full out bans already. One required lawyers, the other just some talking. Al Lindsay and I were both written tickets and told we would go to jail the next time we rode at one point at a spot.Notice I am not mentioning where? It's because we are on good terms at that spot now.

In terms of talking on here (this is my opinion, you guys do as you please) I understand it's frustrating, but you guys DO realize how many people read this forum, right? Well, by tomorrow, you will have pissed off some of the people we may actually try to talk (calmly) with. Might I suggest you don't call people names and act like you own the beach. Simple fact is, we don't. It's my opinion it's best not to antagonize people, but work with them. Steve and others, if you believe in TBKA's cause please don't bitch about people that my influence our future on here by calling names. I realize it's out of frustration, that's about it, but it reads like pretty harsh as.s munch material, if someone didn't know you guys (just being honest). I do know you guys, and have perspective on it. Many won't.

If I was out there in charge and read this, I would say "screw you" to you guys, just cuz you pissed me off. Some authority figures are that way, you know. Anyway, I am hoping I can delete this post by tomorrow.
If not, at least Jim Wilson and a few others know my position and belief it's a privilege to ride, not some right I take for granted.

Anyway, the area around Sand Key is whimsical. Sometimes they ask you to leave, sometimes they don't.
Sometimes you are nice and they let it slide, sometimes not. I stopped riding there the last time they asked us all to leave and starting riding a little south of there. Hopefully it will turn out. I just know Jim Wilson reads this (guaranteed) as do others.

I guess if you guys want to do the hard ball "screw you" deal, go for it. That's usually not the best way is my opinion.
I am a little surprised that some of you are surprised. This stuff has come up so much for me personally and been on my mind for quite some time. I guess it's only when people experience it for themselves they believe that it happened to others (?)
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