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they tried to pull the same B.S. about five years ago, and my father and I ended up in the newspaper about it. We were out there surfing a hurricane swell and were approached in the same way. Its a bunch of "moved here from Ohio and now I own the beach" condo commando's on volunteer patrol on 4 wheelers that say POLICE on them. Isnt that illegal in itself? anyways, the last time this noise was made the determination is this.... From the mean high tide mark seaward is considered STATE WATERS and unless regulated by lifeguards and considered a swim area (as on clearwater beach, and Sand key park) a@@hole on his four wheeler can't do sh$t. If you notice those buoys say "no wake" and the only authority over said waters would be from the coast guard, marine patrol or possibly (need to check on this one) a sheriff marine unit. If you use that parking lot and sidewalk mentioned, you are using a PUBLIC ACCESS and are on a PUBLIC BEACH and have no right to be harrassed. Last time this issue went away pretty quick. I am in direct contact with the Clearwater Harbormaster and would gladly have these rules clarified if necessary. I thought they had gotten over their "pamphlets" what a load of crap
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