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Default Kite Ban on beaches of Sand Key

A very troubling situation occured today at Sand Key (not the park).

Some of you know of this place on Sand Key....there is a small park on the east side of Gulf Blvd that has free public parking. Across the street is a public access out to the beach. The beach up there is great, very wide, and very few people if any on it. Up until today, I was unaware that there is an ordinance there against surfing, skim, and any kind of boarding. Keep in mind this is not Sand Key Park I am speaking of.

Mike Hall called me today, and he was up there doing his thing. A volunteer officer came out and told him he couldn't kite there and that he if didn't leave, he would get a ticket. He also was give a brochure explaining all of the rules of the beaches of sand key. Rule 6. was no surf, skim, or board of any kind. There was an included map including Sand Key park all they way south to Bellair. The residents of Bellair tried to ban skimming on their beach as well, but did not succeed. One resident knocked some sense into the old folks.

Anyway, I am confused as surfing is allowed at Sand Key park. There is a surfing area, but I believe any beach south of the area is off limits and apparently including kiteboarders. This is in writing on a brochure from the city of Clearwater. I have no idea how long this has been in effect. I have a call in the the officer in charge of that area, but have heard nothing. I have also contacted all the local surf shops.

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