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Originally Posted by yogi View Post
I am glad to hear he is doing so well.

Also, when sh** hits the fan things do happen so quickly that more often than not people dont pull thier quick release (QR), including experienced riders. Accidents dont happen that often to each individual so we don't get practise pulling the QR. It's Human Nature,when in panic mode, we get tunnel vision and use instincts without involving much calculated thought.
Yep. I remember my first accident. I got lofted but didn't think I would keep going up. Then I got too high and was scared to let go..... and then went up even more.... I finally came down just on the edge of the shoreline and then need a couple of stiches in my knee. Loads of fun. It's not that easy for everyone though. I think I got lucky that day. and I'm a lot safer for it now.
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