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Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern regarding Chris. He is still in the ICU but is improving everyday and will be ok. I told him about how great most of the kiteboarders and people had been and he has been reading the blog. As such, please understand that Chris did have quite abit of instruction and was doing well. He should have had more local lessons and trust me it was not for lack of trying. He will kiteboard again and will have a better understanding about local conditions. THIS WAS AN ACCIDENT. THERE WERE ALOT of EXPERIENCED kiteboarders at the causeway...he thought it was ok if they were there. It does not help anyone, including my son, to keep talking about whether kiting there was 'stupid'. We have remained quiet even though the press has hounded us as Chris' first concern was that his accident not affect the sport he loves negatively and knew that things would get turned around in the press. Alot of people read these blogs...negative comments are not going to help ANYONE. Thank you for your concern, he is in the ICU at St. Joe's in Tampa and doing as well as can be expected. Chris' mom
Very relieved to hear he is recovering quickly. I hope he is up and riding again soon.
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