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Tom.. didnt see that sign earlier .. or maybe this thread is too long and I've just forgotten..

but ... that about nails every topic I think it should. Maybe that should be our basis for a starting point and edit accordingly..

Customize for Skyway and Backside Skyway (could list some known hazzards and maybe a small map of the launch)

And.. the only reason I didnt put an exact # for how far to keep distance to the beach is that sometimes when the beach is clear, its probably OK for a rider to come up for a shoreline tack.. We have to assume that everyone will use their best judgment. Putting an actual number and it seems to me to become a "rule" as opposed to a safety "guideline".. maybe I am just over thinking it ..

This probably falls right into the counter-point to all of this and that is "who the hell has the right to tell me what I can and cant do?".. reasonable question to ask considering this is considered and hyped to be a sport that is all about the individual and limitless boundaries and freeriding and soul searching and all that other crap.

Easy to find valid arguments on both sides.

I just see that fine line between what is a positive way to having people follow the guidelines and what is a negative way in having to tell riders what to they have to do. My vote is for trying to do this in a positive way and if that does not work out.. we might need to get nasty.

when is that next meeting????
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