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Oh yeah DUH!

Kite at your own risk and only with proper training.

Keep Launch Areas Clear -
--Park away from beach
--Secure your kite and lines when not riding.
--Always use a kite leash

Launch and Land Kites Safely -
--Stay clear of others on the beach.
--Assist incoming riders land their kites
--Give right-of-way to launching or landing riders
--Only allow experienced riders launch kites
--Launch and clear the beach as quickly as possible
--Stay 200' from shore while riding.

Ride Safely -
--Helmet and flotation devices recommended for all riders
--Always obey right of way rules for kiting
--Do not perform or land tricks within 200' of shore.

Seem reasonable? Seems to me we should just adopt the sign I posted as picture of earlier in the thread.
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