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Skyway Scott
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I actually remember "the day" we got locked out of Fred Howard Park.
It was 6, maybe 7 years ago. Jeff Weiss was going to have a free kite demo at the park that particular Saturday. When he showed up, he was told he could not enter. Thing is, the day before, a kiter pissed off a lot of windsurfers (is the story I heard from Jeff). I know the kiter, but it doesn't really matter. He was yelling at the windsurfers (out of panic) to get out of the way of his fallen kite because he was concerned for their safety. Then, he used basically zero tact with the windsurfers and the park supervisor, is what I heard. That incident was all it took.

I have only kited the general area once (about a month ago) and have never tried to enter, rig and ride Fred Howard (has anyone else tried?).

The day I rigged at Sunset, I rode over to FHP about ten times and was riding with the windsurfer in the FHP vicinity for about a half hour. They didn't seem to care, I actually got the impression they were having fun racing with me, because they ended up following me all the way back to Sunset and then talking with me about kiting for about an hour.

Is there definite animosity between the kiters and windsurfers in that area?
Is it imagined? Again, I was only there once, so those are sincere questions, but it seemed like the windsurfers got along and actually knew the other two kiters there that day (Sean and John) and acted like they hung out together all the time.

Is it just the park ranger at FHP?
If so, hopefully that guy will opt for early retirement
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