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Default 13 2008 Waroo

This thread is a response for those that wanted a comparison on my new 13m waroo compared to my 12m 2006 waroo.. (please keep any replies on topic.. thanks)

FINALLY got to ride my new 13m waroo yesterday.. if only for an hour in mediocre conditions at the skyway. It did hit for about 10 minutes where I got to get a feel for the power this thing has got. Holy cow.

I did not get a chance to jump much and work out the timing .. its quite a bit faster than my old 12m and I sent it too far the few times I jumped.. solid kite.

rode it A/C then A/A when the winds lightened up. really didnt notice much of a difference.. wind was on light side so I need to revist.

One thing I can say for certain is that it loops FAST.. and not just quick.. I mean FAST.. even in the light winds I was able to do a small 2 to 3 foot jump and do a kiteloop w/ the kite completing the loop and heading back up before I hit the water.. 3 times back to back.. same results.. SOLID power thru the loop... no fluttering on the way up.. no ripple in the canopy...

the 12m would loop and on its way up start to deform a bit.. canopy would flutter and power would be gone.. often the speed you were able to generate from the bulk of the loop was the only thing that would keep your momentum going when you hit the water to glide out of it. The kite's power was typically gone and you had to bring the kite back down quickly to get back going..

not with this kite.. even in the light winds it retained that constant power/pull thru the loop..

thinking about it.. i am kinda freaking out about looping this thing w/ some solid wind.. I know its going to rip me across the sky and i'll land with screaming speed.

another main thing to note is that the the depower is no where near as much as the 2006 waroo. even at full push out of the bar there was still power in the kite.. definitely something to think about when the winds pick up.. i didnt adjust the depower strap due to the light winds.. but there's definitely a big difference compared to the 2006 massive depower.

construction is amazing. I dont like the colored LE.. already dirty with only 2 uses. I prefer black LE.. oh well..
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