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Roadancer, the accident is not anyones fault, not Randy's or anyone else's but the rider who put himself into the situation. Even then, it may not have been something that was in the riders control to prevent, we don't know that yet because we have not heard his side of the story. What we DO know is what he could have done to prevent such a bad situation which would have been to launch at a more forgiving launch site.

What I think the majority of the riders here worry about is the EXAMPLE put forth by ANY instructor teaching at the Skyway (as a mentor to newer riders) using the launches which should be limited to more experienced riders as a place for teaching. I admit it, I myself am guilty of this as well with teaching my ex-girlfriend last season. The reason Randy's name was even mentioned above others is because he is the biggest offender of teaching at the Skyway and Backside.

But this season the launches are just getting too crowded to take ANY chances like this and the Skyway needs to be an intermediate level and above launch only going forward if we are going to keep it as a launch site.

Skyway is NOT a place for beginners...period.

Just my $0.02.
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