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Originally Posted by Kamikazi View Post
Good story...bad call!
Everything worked out OK but it was very risky letting someone land your kite. It could have been a disaster in those winds. Im glad it worked out but do not recommend anyone ever just let a bystander land a kite, no matter how much "training" you give them on the beach.
I thought you knew better than that. If you want, I will teach you how to self land. It very easy and much safer.

I learned to self land long ago but thanks for the offer. Everyone takes their own calculated risks and uses their best judgement out there. In my opinion, the winds were too high for me to safely attempt a self-landing of a Thruster much less have another rider attempt catching it with a kite in the air. So I pulled the Father of the family aside, took the time to carefully explain what he should expect in assisting me and all was VERY smooth. It is the people who don't make things clear to their assistants that have the issues. I am confident that I could teach an ape to catch my kite if I had to. If that is one of your personal limitations, sobeit but in that scenario I will ask if someone is comfortable helping me and take a minute to properly instruct them how to catch my kite any day. Just personal preference I guess.

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