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Not sure I would try that with a hybrid... not all of them depower as much as a waroo but it would probably work for a few of them. I also use that method 90% of the time. I launch that way too. In a pinch I've burried my board and connected it to the handle. Definately don't do this if you can't fully depower the kite.

As a last ditch option, I would generally rather release my kite on one of the back lines than get a spectator involved. If it's really windy, gently crash it first and then release... less spinning.

In most cases in a lot of wind it's a good idea to crash it before you do anything...

But, when there are two of us, we usually catch each other. We flip a coin to see who's gonna catch first. Not recommended for beginners!

We don't do any of this around people on the beach of course.. things can and do go wrong once in awhile.
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