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Yes, the side off to offshore problem. As low as the Keys are, those directions can still deliver poor wind quality with too many gusts and lulls. If the kite goes down and stays down, offshore you go yourself. Sometimes in Islamorada they take folks out to the sand bar about 1/2 to 3/4 mile offshore towards the Straits. The wind quality can still be uneven but at least you can standup over the shoals and walk back to where you started usually.

Aside from that, as Raul said, not a lot of spots with nearby public parking for N (side off in lots of lower SE Florida) or NE in the upper Keys. NE is a great direction along the mainland north of Government Cut in Miami however. None of this probably does you any good. Sorry things didn't time out hope it was a good trip anyway. With cold fronts driving much of the useable wind this time of year, it comes and it goes regularly.
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