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Originally Posted by popeye View Post
Niether is a scuba C card... but that doesn't mean it's worthless.
This is one thing that came to mind when I made that statement, my parents scuba dive, but I'm not into it and know nothing about it.

BigR, you missed my point. Firefighting is and nursing are monitored by the government, as is driving. You need certain licensing and qualifications to do both of these. Teaching kiting, is NOT. If you get caught nursing without a license you will be in trouble. You won't get a job as a firefighter without being an EMS or Paramedic first and then attending the firefighters academy. You can teach kitesurfing without a license and nobody will give it a second look (besides you guys).

Scott, I'm out a lot more often then once a year, although I'm only out for an hour and I stay WAY the hell away from everybody due to these conflicts. And as you say I'm always in here disrupting THESE types of topics... maybe there's a reason? You know, maybe I strongly disagree with what everyone is trying to do. I believe I'm still in America and have freedom of speech and Rick hasn't said anything to me or censored me (it's his forum he can do as he wishes) so I think I'm entitled to my opinion just as much as everyone else.

I never said any of that stuff doesn't pertain to kitesurfing, but I know there are probably TONS of kiters that have no idea of any of that stuff and they're proficient riders. Certain warnings to said conditions are definitely needed, but I don't believe there's any reason to go so in depth of such conditions that someone should have to take notes. Honestly Steve, can you go over all the formulas related to the Coriolis effect? I think not.

I hope you guys realize the only step that can be taken to regulate kiting is an all out ban. If you really want to help take a step towards that, be my guest, I can afford tickets to kite, it's no big deal to me.

Talking inexperienced kiters down I'll agree with. If I see anyone inexperienced trying to launch and Scott, Steve, or anybody I know tries to talk the person out of it, I'll have your back on the issue. Most likely I won't see it though, I get to the beach, pump up my kite, rig up, and I'm gone. When I get back, kite is down, packed up, and I'm gone in less then 10 minutes usually. (Maybe another reason you never see me Scott)

But like Tom said, past that, there's nothing that can be done. I won't help intimidate a rider out of going, or cut someone's lines, or anything that can bring legal action against me. If you think you're saving our kiting spot by intimidating someone or doing anything that could involve the police, you better believe that spot will be gone so fast there won't even be time to post about it here.

I mean, what do you guys plan to do if someone disagrees with you about kiting and decides to go anyways?

Nothing you can do, so either pack up and leave the beach, or wait around to call the paramedics.

I'm just not sure of what you guys are even trying to get done, especially since like I already said, there's nothing that can be done.
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