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Hi Rick,

Yesterday sure was a windy one in Ft Pierce. There was a big turn out. I had a chance to meet some new faces. Some of which were Hanna, Mike, Scott and George. There were many other but they did not introduce themselves. It everyone who spoke with me were all very nice. Maybe next time more will introduce themselves.

Sadly to say I did not had much ride time. Once I got my kite up and flying, there were many gust that made it had to control. I think I had the kite depowered too much which made the kite flutter. Anyway it did not seem to be a newbie atmosphere. So I watched all the expierence riders ripped it up.

It was just nice to be there (getting sand blastted).

GK was also there. I spoke with him about the forum. He did mention that many of the kiters do not use the internet.

Anyway thamks for the reply posting.
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