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Hey scott is was awsome, that is such a nice place to ride. Thanks for the advise. I did end up loosing my board twice and the current ran away with it. Over all a great session and my first upwind run, ( yes I understand that the current had a ot to do with that). Sitting back in gainesville now reflecting on what was truly a great day. Spend most the day on my 17m, ealrier in the day it got a little lite and I got to cruise on mt contra 23.5m. 12mph winds many on the beach and bam the 260lber is out cruising powered. I also did meet bob there. It is nice to not be the only new guy at the beach stuggling. Overall I can't type how awsome it truly was to just cruise, I am definatly hooked on kiting for sure now and will hit whatever part of florida has wind next weekend. I am hoping to hit Bahia Honda next weekend(pending wind) that is a great flat place for us beginers to get some good practice in. If you are interested comming down let me know. I will be leaving from Ft. lauderdale area. Can't wait to hit the water again.

PS I did try to visit the store however you were closed. It was 6:30pm by the time we got everything packed up and off the beach. Next time I will stop by =-).
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