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Talking Carl Gray: Ed's kite vs the parking lot...

Good morning to all. Yesterday afternoon was a blast at Carl Gray. Got there around 230 and set up. Got Ed on the water first. Wind had several holes and shut down for about 15 minutes. I got on the water and within 10 minutes, the switch turned on and the wind started crankin'!! Al got on the water. Larz, Rick, and Eric quickly rigged and jumped out there. Awesome to have everyone out and ripping. Wind started picking up in the low 20's by the time we came in at dark. Everyone boosting huge air, back rolls, front rolls, and huge spill!! A blast indeed. Oh, we wont' mention too much about Ed's kitemare with the kite having to be released and going across the parking lot leading edge down. It only suffered a small tear and he was back on the water within 20 minutes. Need to attach that leash somewhere other than next to the chicken loop!!! Great afternoon indeed, just chilly at the end. Hit Hunt's for oysters and beer afterward!! Hope to see you guys on the water soon!!!! Kitegirl aka Linda
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