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Originally Posted by slingshot05
Originally Posted by Optionryder420
If it does it tomorrow, I'll be back working on the kiteloops again...

The first one I got so damn close to landing... Hopefully have better luck tomorrow or next time.
kevin, what you were doing wernt real kiteloops. i told you that. You MUST get in the air before the kite loops.

right when you grab the side of the bar you have to pop and realease into a railey before the kite starts the loop.

this is the reason downloops are so hard, because it's hard to get in the air before the kite loops. and if your not then it wouldn't be conciterd a real kiteloop.

work on raileys and other pop tricks before attempting any more kiteloops, you can barley railey, so your not ready for kiteloops.
Well, you only did see one of each... The first kiteloop I did pop earlier and was in the air before it looped.

You really need to cool down on this superiority complex you have.
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