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Umm, kristurdo, that was called humor...
Something that was once a part of kiteboarding that is missed by many... kinda like whitecaps.....You see, a big part of kiteboarding is having fun with your friends, but its kind of a lost art these days.
Its an election year ya know...
Try this one:
Josh has nothing on me- those unhooked tricks are for wussies who want to let go of the bar if they fall. Not me dude, I use a combination lock to hook in, and just ride it out. Besides, my backroll has style, brah.
(Thats all you need to impress the chicks on the beach anyway, so why learn anything else?)
How could he be better than me? The guy flies yellow kites- how girly-man is that?
That Big G guy giving stuff away for free?
He must be up to something....
Gotta run!- My book club's selection of the month just arrived: "Jokes for the Laughing Impaired"

(Big G and Josh are good friends of mine.) They wouldn't expect anything less from me than a swift ball busting on a windless day like this.
Welcome to the neighborhood, Kris.
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