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got to ride the 13m yesterday in much better conditions at EB.


boosts big, floaty, controlled.. very predictable.. quick to move across the window and solid in the air.. I am very very happy w/ this kite.

it loops too fast. in more powered conditions, even doing my beginners loops (small jump then loop at apex) it finishes the loop before I have time to react and is already beginning a second loop before I hit the water..

scott rode it for a while and did some unhooked jumps, raleys and whatnots.. kite looked solid and he seemed to be having a good time.. probably a bit overpowered for his size and the conditions..

my 12m 2006 kite has been my bread n butter ride for a couple years.. this kite completely replaces it in terms of fun and boosting and it also adds a huge amount of power and kite speed.. for my size its going to be my go-to kite for nearly all of our standard conditions..

fun fun fun!
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