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Skyway Scott
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The sensors around here suck, the forecasts aren't much better.
IMO, a lot of getting to ride around here depends on nailing your own micro forecast and knowing which areas are most likely to produce wind.

My guess is that today it's gonna blow 20 in some areas for several hours from the North.
It's already starting up North around Fred Howard as Doppler just showed the wimpy front move through. It might make it to North Beach DeSoto by noon, but I always drive north on these wimpy Norths (like Raul, Lori, Donna, Paul, Alex, Cornel, Colin, and myself did on Friday). It's usually much better up there.
I have seen literally dozens of days where it blows 20 N at iRB or CLW and blows less than 10 more south on days like today.
The opposite, where it blows in SP and not up north is rare on a cold front.
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