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I rode at Backside today. No one else was around for over an hour. Ty showed up and we ripped it up. We were the only kiters I saw at Backside today.

It was decent (at best) on the inside but epic on the other side of the channel in Backside Bay. Super flat, glassy, and clear to the bottom, with clean and solid wind. I was grooving all over the place out there.

I finally put my 15m Ion at around 3:30 or so when it started to get really decent. I was so tired and sun-weary that I said the hell with it, went home and ate everything in site, then crashed. Probably missed the best wind of the session, but whatever, I rode for hours and hours today.

Looked like there were a bunch of kites up at East Byatch. I counted roughly thirty, but it looks like more kites are getting up to the Monkey Flatz toward the channel, so maybe it was not as crowded today as one might expect.
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