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From Facebook:

My dear friend Jason Maloney (nickname ghostrider in the community),
I will never forget you, your passion for kiteboarding was through the roof, I have never met someone who kite as much as you per year, you had the world record actually, this was so amazing!!!!
I have never seen you with a sad face, never! And always saw you with a huge smile and spiking eyes when you were around one of those windy lakes in Ontario 🇨🇦.
You were this king of the air, a legend who registered 1301 sessions on the #woo WOO Kite, beating all records, 180 hours in the air, jumping over 20m high...
Your lovely windy sport took you today, gone, gone forever. The wind that you loved so much and lived for took him away from us forever, so so so sad, but you will never be forgotten!!!
RIP Jason.
I will miss you a lot buddy!
Love you.

Pascal Laplace

Please feel free to donate if you can to help out in this very difficult time, thank you 💕

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transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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