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Rest in peace Jason Maloney. We never met but I do recall speaking with you after your squall lofting accident and 3000 ft dragging while unconscious in 2006. It was miraculous you survived that horrific accident including responding to CPR which has a relatively low success rate. It is impressive that you were able to rehabilitate from those injuries so successfully. From what I’ve heard you were a charger and a record big booster, hard at it all the time. The thing is some storms can undo the best among us. The second storm was simply too much and Luck wasn’t on board this time. The storm was well forecast but apparently arrived a bit sooner than folks expected. It caused wide devastation through the area. Anyway, rest in peace, strength to your family and friends and for the rest of us, stay out of squalls. You never know just how strong they will be until they are upon you.
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