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Folks have been posting gear for sale in the St. Pete Forum quite a lot lately. Spoke with your moderators and decided to create a special forum just for these and other commercial posts. Keep in mind you may not get as much exposure for your goods as you might receive putting your post in the State forum for gear for sale/wanted at:

Also, if you have commercial (COM) posts promoting your business please post them here.

Four years ago when I planned this site, I had only two forums in which COM posts could be made. I didn't want to repeat the same mistakes that had reduced the benefit provided on other forums. I changed my mind and took off the restrictions and as a rule, I haven't been aware of that many problems. Some may feel the COM postings may be a bit too frequent these days in the general forum, so this has been created specifically for your use.

Restraint in all things, right? Let's give this a go and see how things work.

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