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I understand the lost kiter was untangling his lines down toward the bar when the kite was lifted free from the ground by a strong gust in the Ukraine. He had decided not to launch based upon wind measurements but elected to rig up and wait to see if the wind eased down. The kite launched suddenly, started looping and caught him by the leg dragging him aloft.

There have been a number of other accidents over the years when the kite has been on the ground, lines attached while the kiter moved along the lines. I recall a kiter was gored by a log many years back in Brazil when he was walking towards his unanchored kite when it suddenly relaunched.

It is best to detach lines from one side of the kite, if not all of them, with a thoroughly anchored kite, before moving down the lines.

Regarding setup, I would recommend attaching your kite lines last, just before launch. There are different approaches but one I learned from Paul Menta six years ago was to tie the flight lines to the board foot straps while stretching them out and untangling as an anchor. I put the board perpendicular to the kite and between the wing tips. When everything is straightened out and preflighted on the ground, I connect the lines to the kite just before launch. That way if the kite takes off prematurely there are no lines attached to cause additional problems.

Some of the time, it may make little difference how you setup. In high wind or in a powered kite incident, it can make a critical difference.
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