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perfectly stated Ebone.

and i will post photos of bar when i get them. i am not sure what happened exactly, but i did get a good look at the bar while i was dealing with trying to keep the kite from looping.. looked like the endcap came off.. dont think the bar broke... but i did notice that it wasnt just a line break... looked like the entire right side cap was missing. will need to look closer.

i just ordered a new 45cm 2007 best bar from extreme kites. Daryl said to get photos of the bar and maybe Best will take care of it.. maybe not. i've been told by a couple experienced people to replace bar and harness every year.. and guess what.. in the past 30 days my bar and harness (both just a while past their year-old mark) bit the dust.

Ocean Rodeo took care and sent me a brand new harness .... maybe best will do the same, but I am not going to be upset if they dont. its at least 14 months old.

we will see.
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