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Tom, what if it had been Roy's head instead of his kite? What if Roy's bar had broken and his kite started looping toward the rocks? What then? I guess he would have just "learned a lesson", huh?

Just my opinion but I am all about taking 2 minutes to help a bro out. Looks like I am in the minority though.

In this situation I am sure that Raul and the others on the water would have helped out, they are good guys who I am sure would have helped.

But that kind of thinking isn't cool Tom.

Originally Posted by invisible View Post
Sounds like he learned a lesson to me ! Like don't ride down wind near the rocks unless you are prepared for the consequences?

How many times are we going to see the same people stuck across the channel or walking from the rocks 100 feet from the road.

Regardless, yeah I'd have helped you Bryan... I drove by and saw you guys boosting. Sounds like you now know what the o-sh$t handles are for. Glad you are ok.
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